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Ladder Inspection & Repair

Did you know we offer inspection, service and repairs of Canway Mobile Ladder Stands and Work Platforms?

Please contact us with:
  • Quantity of ladders or platforms
  • Photos of at least one ladder and or work platform complete with close up of
     manufacturer's identification label
  • Photos of obvious repairs that are required, this allows us to quote parts
  • Location and hours of operation where inspections and service will occur
  • Anticipated completion date

Inspection, service and repair costs will be based on our current rate sheet.
Inspection of other manufacturer's product is possible however, compliance to the applicable standards would be evaluated.
Recommendations and repair would be reviewed on site with our technician.
For more information, please call us at 905-578-2929 or email us at

Custom Powder Coating
  • Specifications:
      • Profile capability of 4' wide x 8' tall x 24' long
      • System designed for light fabricated steel products
      • Thicknesses from 14 gauge to 1/4"
      • Weight capacity of 2 tons
      • Lift or hang points must be provided
  • Our System:
      • Two stage pressure chemical wash
      • Chemical rust inhibiting undercoating
      • High quality, UV rated, polyester TGIC-free colours
      • Leading edge technology creating an excellent finish
      • Merc Blue is the standard colour
  • Paint Options:
    Standard colours include: Merc Blue, Red, School Bus Yellow, Traffic White, Black, Grey, Safety Orange

    For any inquiries or quotes, email us at
    Provide size, weight, quantity, colour and photos of products.
    No sandblasting services available.